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Saturday, March 24

Blood was never so Appealing

No, I have not decided I have gone emo. I have just been to the cinema. Yes, to see 300. Expectations were high, expectations were met.

It wasn't quite busy, as I've been to see it around 1:30 pm. I think the big hall counted a total of sixteen people, including my friends and me. Wasn't too bothered, at least now I had good seating. It's different for a comedy. When the hall is filled, laughter is enhanced.

But, no laughter during 300. Well, hardly. But wow, what a film! Even though my friends had said that this was no movie for me, it's the best I've seen in quite a long while. The story wasn't particularly complex, but I found it realistic in some way. The ending wasn't exactly happy but then again it was. Which made it realistic.

Butler portrayed a strong Leonidas and Wenham a convincing Dilios. I'd not seen the lady who played Leonidas' wife, but she was brilliant at it, reminded me slightly of miss Knightley. In other words, the entire cast was wonderful.

Which brings me to something else. Eye candy. Seriously, lots of men with sixpacks wearing nothing but leather undies, boots and a crimson cape. Can't complain. But I'm not really that impressed by those things in general, so, it was nice, but not all I was watching, honest.

Another piece of eye candy, however, were the special effects. The fightingscenes in slowmotion made me drool and the blood was most appealing for some reason. It would have been no fun without the gore and blood.
The mood in the film was very dark, and had a bit of a dusty, rusty feel. Very authentic, very classy. Dark times portrayed perfectly. Strong, intense close ups. Very very tight music, amazing.
From the first second, the mood reminded me of Sincity. Same darkness. I loved it.

You go see it now too, boys and girls, chop chop.



Ruben said...

Yeah I'll definately go see it XD

Maartje van Hoorn said...

@ Ruben

Good, it's totally worth it. It must be, considering I'm not usually that much of a blood and gore fan and I do love this film for it.