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Tuesday, July 31

Every MSN Addict's Nightmare

Has come for me. Has come and has luckily gone. I was hacked. Hacker, who I will now, if you don't mind, refer to as ass, I hate you!!

pretended to be me on MSN and decided to very badly hurt one of my best Internet friends. So, when I came back online as me, not ass, I heard from another friend that my friend was upset with me because I supposedly said things to her that weren't at all nice. So, I hurriedly struck up a conversation with said hurt friend and very desperately tried to explain it wasn't me. Rather surprising how difficult that is on a text based conversation. Anonymity sucks in this case.

Once I managed to explain that it was ass and not me that had been nasty, all was good. Then, to prevent any more asses from pretending to be me in the future, I changed my password to something I can barely remember myself. Phew. Scary stuff, hackers.

If I was horrible to you on saturday morning, it wasn't me, it was an ass.

With love, (but not to ass)


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Christy said...

Oh no! That's horrible! How can people do things like that? Why would they even want to? The same thing happened to my daughter, she's almost thirteen. Someone broke into her MSN and told all of her friends they were losers, and was swearing at everyone etc. Then she had to convince them it wasn't her. I found out that she had told everyone at school her password so there was no way of knowing who did it. It's so important to have a bullet proof password!

Take Care,