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Sunday, July 29

How To Kill A Writer's Block In 10 Steps

We all suffer from a writer's block every now and then. I suffer from one quite a lot, like now. I've been feeling that my blog posts have been below average and my story isn't progressing that well either. So, how to overcome a writer's block?
  1. Go for a walk (works, according to J.K. Rowling).
  2. Read other people's work. It can inspire you.
  3. In case of a story writer's block, RolePlay. It's helpful to let other people share their creativity with you.
  4. Try to write on a different location. You might get 'the vibe' there. In the Zoo, for instance. Or in a cafe.
  5. If you have any drafts, edit these instead of trying to write something new.
  6. Write nonsense, it can trigger your imagination and spur your creativity.
  7. Look around you, you might pick up a good idea by just looking around. Just sit, for ten minutes, and take in your environment.
  8. Do something else. Really, can't get over your block? Do something else for a while. For me, doing other creative things, like drawing, helps.
  9. Ask others how they get over theirs. You might learn a new method.
  10. Go in denial. You do not have a writer's block. Writer's block doesn't exist. It's just a blockade you've put upon yourself because you've got nothing better to do. You do not have a writer's block!
Hope that helps. It helped me.

With love,



Anonymous said...

I find I'm suffereing from that a bit (with it being the summer holidays and having very little to do lately!)

Last year at uni I had a lot more to talk about as I was actually doing stuff! So I guess 'living' would be my advice, provided you are kept busy!

Shine said...


Totally agree! Two more (may somehow be similar to yours)

(1) Write down your stream of consciousness, ie write down whatever appear in your mind in no logical sequence. This is particularly sharp during the morning.

(2) Stop pushing yourself. Sometimes inspiration pops up when you fetch yourselfe a glass of watch / practicing yoga / taking a shower...

Christy said...

That is great advice! I use music a lot and this technique called clustering that I learned in my creative writing course. It allows you to tap into the creative part of your brain immediately, I've been meaning to write about it! Writer's block can be a big problem for bloggers so it's great to post tips like these!

Jan said...

Try National Novel Writing Month in November...50,000 word first draft of a novel is considered a "win" - and just finishing is the goal.

Having to force that many words through in 30 days...lots of good and interesting things occur by the end, even if your novel isn't in print.