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Tuesday, August 28

Art Will Be Refined

This post is especially for all you digital artists out there. And for those who just enjoy watching digital artists in their element.

You've never felt the true joy of using a drawing tablet until you have used the Wacom Cintiq. Today was the day I was given my opportunity and I will be continuing to use one for at least four months, because the company I work for (oh that sounds wonderful, but I'm only an intern) has one on trial for me to use. They will most likely buy one.

Imagine drawing on paper. Are you one of those artists that refuses to go digital? Now, imagine drawing on paper again. Only your paper isn't paper, but it your 21 inch LCD screen. You can put it flat, or up like a canvas, whatever you like. Prepare your drooling buckets, ladies and gents.

Now imagine the program that has made Davey Jones and the dead pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean. I might be working with that. If it will bow for Vista. Imagine those two things together, Davey on a Cintiq. Then imagine me.

Unfortunately, I cannot show you anything I will be making, or tell you anything about it, because everything I do and make is highly confidential. This makes me both very proud and very sad at the same time. But I'll get sued if I tell, so I'm zipping my lips.

Art gets a whole new value when talking Cintiq and ZBrush.

With love,


Ps. Image of Davy from

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Jos said...

Great stuff, Maartje! This is the one reason I like memes: it brings me to great new discoveries (like this blog) and nice people!

Nice of you to drop by at NoDir.

(This "blue bobbleheads" was a quick connection I made between Christy's answer that she watched the Smurfs as a child and some paricular bobbleheads joke we made earlier, can't explain that one, but the connection was funny. Thanks for promting that ;
From now on: Blue Bobbleheads Rule! :)

See you around!
P.S.: how about "Clueless Behind The Page".
That would work for me..