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Friday, August 31

Blogging Star Award

Things just keeping better here on the world of blogginess. Jos from NoDirectOn, who I only met two days ago has awarded me and many other great bloggers with the Blogging Star award.
His reason:
In your words: it was very "neet to mice you". A fun and nice attitude like that alone already deserves a bit of starlight :)
Hm, I must remind myself to continue twisting sentences around. Thanks very much, Jos!

Do you know bloggers that you think are stars? Give them this award! Spread the love!

With love,



Jos said...

You are very welcome, Maartje! Welcome to picking up on that Star and welcome as a 'new friend' that I will certainly be 'micing' moreoften.

Jos said...

En ja hoor, oeps, "an yes hear", lol, there is another thing for you to put up in front of the page. come check in a little while, I've got something else for you.