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Thursday, August 2

How To Generate Blog Ideas In 10 Steps

My previous How To was one that told you How To Kill A Writer's Block In Ten Steps. Now, many people have said it, and I completely agree with them: Sometimes it's just the lack of ideas. This is why I bring to you now: How To Generate Blog Ideas In Ten Steps.
  1. Grab your dictionary, open it on a random page, and write something about the first word you see. It might sound desperate, but it isn't. It takes creativity, which is good.
  2. Read the newspaper, there is bound to be something in there that you have an opinion about. Plus, it's recent. Recent happenings do well on blogs.
  3. Watch clips on Youtube, you'll find one you like and you'll be able to write about it, trust me.
  4. Read other people's blogs. See what they have written about, and write your own take on their subjects. Piece of cake.
  5. Go out. Do something fun so that you can later write about that. Go to the Zoo, then you can write about monkeys and their family bonds.
  6. Ask a random person on the street, that doesn't know you, what you should write about. You'll get very refreshing subjects, that you probably hadn't thought about yet.
  7. Think conceptually. Take a random object from your room and try to find something symbolic/conceptual about it. This will indirectly lead you to good ideas. (For instance: pencilsharpner could lead to a Sharpen Your Mind-article)
  8. Write about your lack of ideas. It helps.
  9. Listen to some music, let it inspire you. Works for me.
  10. Make a word association-chain. Start with 'No Idea' and then write down the first word ythink about, then take that word and do the same, until you have come to your twentieth word. Your twentieth word is the word you have to have write about.
There, hope that was of help.

With love,



Markk said...

Well thought out list of 10, Maartje. Remember last time you tried to ask me about something on my blog that you're interested in? See I can still remember that. Just let me know. Got a new post on John Cow at Commonsense.

jon said...

Self mockery is easy when you're in possession of as much material as I.

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Hey Jon, in case you read this: Self-mockery is also easy when you are in a wheelchair. Also, doesn't this belong on another article?