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Monday, September 3

10 Ways To Cure Insomnia

What happens when I get insomnia? I write ten ways to cure it.
  1. Watch the home-shopping channel. It's so boring you will fall asleep.
  2. Count sheep. Baaaah!
  3. Drink hot chocolate. If it doesn't work, you will still have had hot chocolate so all is still good in the world.
  4. Read a book. Reading makes your eyes tired.
  5. Run around your house ten times as fast as you can. You'll want bed.
  6. Hold a staring contest with your wall. It'll last so long you'll fall asleep. Eventually.
  7. Write silliness on your blog. Because, uhm... nevermind.
  8. Milk and cookies. Nough said!
  9. Listen to music. But not heavy metal. If that is what relaxes you, you are insane, and ill. Go see a doctor.
  10. ZzzZzzZzZZZzzz.
There you go. Yawn.

With love,



Jos said...

Ok. Thats it. Now you're tagged.

Staring contest with the wall... duhhh. What happens when you win? Lol!

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Jos, the solution is very simple. Just paint open eyes on your wall, I assure you you won't win.

Jos said...

I am always hoping my walls will fall asleep before I do..