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Saturday, September 22

Fairytales Do Come True

Something to look forward to. This holiday season, Disney brings us all something that looks to be very amusing and endearing. 'Enchanted' tells the the tale of a fairytale princess named Giselle, who is banished from her magical, musical and enchanted land by an evil queen and ends up in our world, Manhattan. Confused and startled by this strange place, Giselle is lucky to meet a charming divorce lawyer who helps her get around. Meanwhile, her perfect fairytale prince comes after her to rescue her, but does she really want to be rescued?

With a great cast including James Marsden, Susan Sarandon, Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey, this is something I think both Disney and non-Disney lovers can look forward to.

Amy Adams plays the sweet damsel in distress princess Giselle. By the looks of it, she is the perfect girl to pull it of, cute, helpless, pretty, and funny.

James Marsden is turning out to be an actor I've begun to like more and more. In Enchanted, he plays the role of the fairytale prince, who, I must say, is so over the top that everything he does is funny. He even has purple tights and puffy sleeves, need I say more?

Susan Sarandon, excellent in nearly every other role I've seen her in, plays the evil queen. I doubt she'll disappoint.

Patrick Dempsey, to most people known as McDreamy doctor in Grey's Anatomy, plays the divorce lawyer. The charming smile never seems to fail.

All-in-all, the cast seems brilliant, the humor seems to be there and your typical fairytale qualities are in there too. I think it will be a hit!

Enchanted hits theatres next holiday season.

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