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Sunday, September 30

Records on Sunday: The Fratellis

This weekend's Records on Sunday features The Fratellis. Coincidentally, I am, as we speak, or, as you read, still in Scotland enjoying the aftermath of two of their gigs. Fooled you, didn't I?

The Fratellis

Many stories about the founding of this band from Glasgow, Scotland have been named in numerous interviews. Most frequently heard from the three-piece indie rock band is the following version: They put up ads in a music shop and answered them. Lead singer and guitarist Jon, Bass player Barry and Drummer Mince were signed by Fallout Records after playing only nine gigs.
They released their first EP in April 2006 and followed up with their debut album 'Costello Music' in September.
The origin of the name 'The Fratellis' has also caused a fair amount of confusion. Some interviews claim that the band named themselves after the bad guys in 'the Goonies', while Fratelli is also Barry Wallace's mother's maiden name.
The Fratellis have played all the big summerfestivals, where their hitsingle 'Chelsea Dagger' has been a festival favorite, even though the band admits they have much better songs in their repertoire.

In 2007, the song 'Flathead' from their debut album was used in an Ipod commercial, which got them another surge of fame.
Their success Costello Music Tour has brought them all over the world. On September 29th, they played their last gig on this tour, in their hometown, Glasgow. Now they return to the studio to record their second album, which is rumoured to be released March next year.

The Fratellis' sound is often classed as post-punk revival, alternative rock or indie rock. Some people dare to describe it as noise.
With chippy, happy, catchy guitar songs, the Fratellis make most people jump, while their slower, acoustic tunes are perfect sing-alongs. For most, their sound is best enjoyed with a beer.

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