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Sunday, September 23

Records on Sunday: T. Rex

A small introduction to this new thing of mine. Sunday is going to be Music Day, on which I discuss music, be it a band I like, a new album that's come out, a particular song, or anything else to do with music. The first episode:

T. Rex

T. Rex was founded in 1967 by lead singer and guitarist Marc Bolan under the name of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Together with percussionist Steve Peregrin Took, Bolan played until October 1969, when the lead singer replaced Took by Mickey Finn. The band changed their name to T. Rex in 1970, adopting a bass player and a drummer.
Over the years, more band members joined the band, and Mikey Finn left the band in 1975, as his sound was becoming less and less needed in the band.
Bolan's band recorded eight albums as T. Rex and had already recorded four albums as Tyrannosaurus Rex. In 1977, what would be the band's last album Dandy in the Underworld reached #26 in the UK charts, the best result since their 1974 album. Marc Bolan died in a car crash later that year. With him died T. Rex.

T. Rex found success as a 70s Glam rock band, with heavy rock 'n roll influences and catchy folk-like diddles. In the early years, T. Rex was known for their acoustic sound, but as the years progressed, their sound became more electric.

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