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Wednesday, September 26

Scotland here I come

I'm leaving for Scotland on Friday, so here is a little video telling you all about it. I'm sorry for mumbling and for looking like a spaz and for wobbling the camera about.

With love,



Esther said...

hi maartje

cool video
i can see that you realy want to go
i hope thta you have mutch fun there!!!!

i love you and i see you soon!!

kiss Esther

Lonneke said...

bij mij stopt het filmpje steeds halverwege. of is hij geknipt?
hij stopt bij mij na de zin..i live in the netherlands..

verder erg leuk dat je naar schotland gaat.

Go for it girl!!

Maartje van Hoorn said...

It works for me, Lonneke :)