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Tuesday, September 4

You've Been Googled!

Anyone that is on MyBlogLog or in any other way monitors their page's stats, should know what happens to a person when they found out that a reader has come to find their page as a google result on their name.

This has happened to me about twice since I've started to actively blog. September 3rd was one of the days on which it happened. Sometimes I google myself, but that's beside the point. Questions that rise:
  • Who googled me?
  • What did they find?
  • Was it my boss?
  • I wonder who else has my name?
  • I wonder if I get any nasty results on my name?
  • Should I start to panic?
  • Have I got a stalker?
  • Does someone have a crush on me?
  • Does someone want me for a job?
  • Is my family so forgetful they forget my link?
  • Should I get an acronym?
Among others. Of course, after that, you google yourself. I haven't panicked.

Have you been googled recently?

With love,



Jos said...

I get that too. Don't worry about it.

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Sparks curiousity though, doesn't it?

Jos said...

Heck no. It's probably the occasional person that has seen your name somewhere. As long as it's not the IRS, don't worry :)

Maartje van Hoorn said...

You're not curious... You amaze me...

Jos said...

Curiosity.. well, you know the saying.
On a serious note, being curious is a good state of mind. And one of my favorite ones, I admit. It keeps you alive and interested. But there's no point in being curious about matters you know beforehand you will never be able to find out, like this one. Unfortunately Google does no give an answer to questions like: "Who googled me?". Unless your in the government of China, that is...
Well, you can see if this is any help:

Jos said...

deze is wel weer 'vet':