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Thursday, October 25

Yay! An Award!

Disabled I woke up this morning to find a very lovely message on Mybloglog telling me that I had received an award for my Disabled Not Mislabeled blog. I received the award from:

Shinade at The Painted Veil and Zubli Zainordin in Total Happiness authors the thetotallife blog, organizes the Book Project blog are co-authors of the Hall Of Fame Blog.

The award was presented to me in the following way, and I am so grateful to receive it:

* The Zubli and Shinade Silver
Award *

Fayestardust Fayestardust
Disabled people are often mislabeled 'stupid' or 'dumb'. This is a delusion. This blog is meant for people with a physical disability. Here you will find tips and theories to show the world you're cool.

I will not put this award on the site, for the simple reason that I want to keep that blog as clean as possible.

Thank you again, mister Z and Shinade.

With love,


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