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Saturday, May 17

Graphic Design, Not As Easy

I found this post in my draft and realised that there was no content and then continued to wonder what it was that caused me to think of this title back when I thought of it.

Thinking back on it, it was probably a point of self-critisism I still feel, about my ability to make graphic designs. I feel I don't really succeed. The reason for starting this post back then might possibly be the fact that I can't seem to think of a good design for my own personal website.

A point I have to make is that it seems to be very difficult to design for yourself, and to portray yourself in that design on the world wide web. I have yet to overcome said problem, because I still have no website.

There are bound to be some web designers out there, reading this. How do you design your own website?

My plan is as follows:
  • write a list of likes, in general.
  • find favorite colors.
  • make colorscheme.
  • define menus.
  • position menus.
  • define shapes.
  • position shapes.
  • publish.
  • put under construction sign up.
  • write mainpage content.
  • publish.
  • work on other pages.
  • publish.


kenneth said...

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Viki said...

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You have be and have to think out of the box.......

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