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Wednesday, August 13

10 Reasons to Read the Newspaper

Reading the newspaper, especially to kids, can be somewhat of a challenge. Nevertheless, it is quite important and can actually be fun. Here follow 10 reason why anyone should read the newspaper:
  1. It's important to know what is going on in the world, because you have to live in it.
  2. When you have read the newspaper, chances are that you can join 40% more conversations than when you haven't read the newspaper.
  3. The newspaper has awesome book, film and cd-reviews that you really don't want to miss out on.
  4. You might find yourself an interesting topic in the newspaper to write about on your blog or anywhere else on the Internet.
  5. Most of the time there are little games or puzzles in the newspaper which can help make reading easier as the questions tend to be about topics in the newspaper.
  6. There are funny comics based on topics discussed in the newspaper.
  7. It will remind you how lucky you are, because the newspaper is full of stories about people far worse off than you are.
  8. The newspaper has a nice and handy tv- and radio guide.
  9. Newspapers often have awesome photography and illustrations.
  10. By reading the newspaper you are enlightened about other people's opinions, which will broaden your horizon and learn you something new.
So, kids, read that newspaper!


Anonymous said...

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Revathi PT said...

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