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Thursday, August 7

Alice In wonderland: Tim Burton's New Masterpiece?

Lewis Carroll's classic psychedelic stories about a girl named Alice has had much attention in the movie world over the years, the most famous rendition probably being Disney's Alice in Wonderland. This Disney classic was released in 1951, but failed horribly in the box office. Nevertheless, it is looked back on as somewhat of a cult-classic.

Now, Tim Burton's rendition of the classic tale, scheduled for release in 2010, is promising to be a spectacle. It's said that the film is going to be full of 3D-animation, while using real actors and motion-tracking to make it realistic. What an IMAX-experience this is going to be.

Recently, the main character, Alice, was cast. Seventeen year old Aussie Mia Wasikowska is the lucky girl. Rumors of Johnny Depp playing 'the Mad Hatter' have being going around for some time already. Depp has said to be interested in the role but nothing is confirmed. However, it would be a perfect role for the world famous actor, who has joined forces with Burton six times, taking on roles such as Willie Wonka and Sweeney Todd in Burton's masterpieces. Depp is often called Tim Burton's alter-ego.

Is Alice in Wonderland not done too many times already? Maybe, but if anyone should be doing it, it is Tim Burton.

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