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Monday, August 11

Canon EOS 450D Cats And Clouds





Click on the pictures to see them bigger and to see more, on my Flickr site.


Markk said...

Pretty good efforts from you with your new Canon. Great shots of the cat. I would like to recommend a photo site I know that has some great photos. It is called Visuallens, belongs to a photographer. Just type the name in Google search and you will find it. One more thing, the post I did on the Olympics was inadvertently posted on The NextPost. Actually, it was meant for WiredHoundBlog, so I had deleted it on the NextPost. Sorry about your comment there but thanks anyway. Cheers.

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Hey Mark, thank you for your comment! I'll have a look at that gallery :) Who knows, it might give me input for a post here. No prob about the Olympics post :).

Rachel said...

I love the third picture. Talk about spaz.

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Thanks Rachel, bit of a weird angle, isn't it? But I like the lighting.