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Friday, August 29

Change the World by Broadcasting

Has anyone ever thought about what a great medium the Internet is to express your thoughts, opinions and to change the world by doing so. Might I just add that changing the world is something you can never do by yourself. The person who ever said that is clearly some sort of idiot. It is a collaberative project.

The Internet is just a great broadcasting medium. A good example is Youtube. It reaches millions of people a day and therefore cannot be any more suitable for changing the world as we know it. In fact, some popular Youtubers from the UK have been receiving several so-called 'Mystery Packages'. These packages include the means to change the world. For some, it was a microphone, for others, a piece of paper, headlines and markers. Along with this, there was a letter saying how whoever received the package had the chance to change the world and people's opinions about the youths nowadays. A couple of examples below:

So, a rather mysterious message, but a good one. So, I was thinking, if Youtube can do it, why not Blogger. I know there are so many many people out there who have something to tell the world. There are so many people out there who could make a change and a difference to the world.

Even though I have no idea how many people I reach by writing and publishing to this blog, I would like to ask those of you that I do reach, for help. I suggest a mutual blog, which I have made for you already:

I've named it Make a Change, because that's what's supposed to be happening. If you feel like contributing, as a writer, or just want me to post something for you there, please leave a comment on that blog or on this post. If we see Blogger as a collective, we should be able to make some changes or at reach people! Now, this may be yet another failing attempt to create something we can all be in together, or this may be a success story waiting to happen.

Feel like making a change?

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