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Wednesday, September 24

I Should Draw More Celebrities

Ever since I put up my Jensen Ackles painting, I have been getting a lot of pageviews. They have increased with about 400%. Why? All because one Jensen Ackles fan liked the portrait and put a link to my post on some fan forum. Amazing. Thank you, Jensen Ackles fan!

This has led me to believe that if I want pageviews, I should just keep drawing celebrities. Haha. Probably mostly male ones.

Keep them pageviews coming!


Sander Bras said...

Mag ik je een suggestie geven?

Jack Black

Sander Bras said...

Awh sorry, I forgot that your blog was in English.

Can I do a suggestion?

Jack Black

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Jack Black would be interesting.