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Tuesday, September 2

The Impact of Spam

To be completely honest with you, I have no idea whatsoever about the motives of Spam developers. I don't mean the canned stuff, but the unwanted e-mails that usually end up in your spambox, but sometimes there is the odd one that penetrates your e-mail security and ends up in your inbox.

I would like to think that spam developers are intelligent people that try the trick of annoying marketing and try to sell you their stuff. But surely, anyone, in their right mind, would know better than to buy something off a person or company that uses "Herbal solutions for short dick men" as a subject to their e-mail. Are people really that dim?

I know for certain that my blog has now been tainted, and I bet I'll get visitors looking for "Herbal solutions for short dick men", but I am the only one who thinks that spam is the most ridiculous and hilarious thing ever created by mankind?

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