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Saturday, September 13

Olympics vs. Paralympics

Is it me, or are the Paralympics still some kind of weak appendix of the Olympics in terms of media coverage?

The 'normal' Beijing2008 has long since ended, but the Paralympics are still running, yet they get half the coverage that the Olympics have had. Call me biased, but I think it's slightly unfair. I mean, a Paralympics sport is just as exciting as an Olympics sport. I was watching Paralympics basketball this morning and cannot help but be in awe. These guys are butch, man! So yea, they are in a wheelchair, but they are fast, and strong. I would not want to get on the wrong side of these guys! Cross them, and you'll be run over, or beat up!

But anyway, my point is, surely the Paralympics should get as much coverage as the Olympics. The athletes achieve the same greatness, if not slightly greater because of their disabilities. I think it needs to be shown, and seen. It's inspiring. It also puts life in a different perspective, showing everyone that if you really work for something and you want it really badly, you'll be rewarded.

Bring on the wider coverage!


TimKro said...

Yes, the Paralympics need to get much more coverage.

The dutch television is on it's way (1 program a week for the previous Paralympics and 1 a day now), but it needs to be much more!

On the big olympic websites from NBC & NOS ( & there is almost nothing about the Paralympics, that's very sad.

Maartje van Hoorn said...

I agree, have the trackrunners been on yet? I love the goatlike prosthesis, they're lightning fast!

TimKro said...

Yes, I've seen those in the newspapers a couple of days ago.

The Volkskrant also has a mini-docu about a trackrunner:

And here's a good schedule for the Paralympics: