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Tuesday, December 16

Red Cross Charity (3FM Serious Request 2009)

Red Cross Charity (3FM Serious Request 2009)

As they do every year, three Dutch DJs lock themselves up in a glass house for six days without eating anything, for charity. This year’s charity is the Red Cross. A lot of money has to be made to help refugees all over the world. The fun thing about this charity event is that basically every bit of money can be made by donating or bidding on something to do with music. Apart from requesting songs, there are plenty of fun activities we Dutchies can join to raise money.

The radio station involved in this all, 3FM, encourages everyone to do their own things to help. So, I have a couple of things I want to do to donate my share.

  • I’m going to do a painting commission and donate whatever I get for it to the cause.

If any of you wants to help or chip in or has other fabulous ideas, I would greatly appreciate your help. Note: This is not a Dutch charity, it’s worldwide, so it doesn’t go to any insignificant Dutch vet, or something. This is the biggest charity even we have and it has been very very successful in the past.

Thank you. Updates will probably follow soon. Please get in.

If you want to bid on this commission spot, leave me a comment here. Also watch this blog for the price it's up for at the moment.

Examples of my work:

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