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Friday, December 4

A little update

Time for a little update on my life and on my look and art. First of all, I've had a haircut today, which is the least important thing that has happened but I still wanted to share.

 I also made new art, which again, is of me, a self portrait for a competition that I am not going to win because I stand no chance against all the other fabulous artists that entered. The reason I look so freakish is because the theme of the contest is dreams, and I can not like this except for in dreams, so there.

More news, I have a job. I am now a community manager, at Mobillion, the same company I graduated at. I manage all the social networks for charity Malaria No More, and will soon also be helping Mobillion in this department! Woo. You can help me out by joining the facebook account and linkedin, and following on twitter, and retweeting. I know you won't understand, but I promise to let you know on here when something exciting happens!

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