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Saturday, December 17

Darren Criss paintings

I thought it would be nice to put all my collected Darren Criss paintings into one blogpost. I think this is about three years worth of Darren, haha.

I met Darren a couple of weeks ago, and he signed my art. That was lovely!


AnnaT. said...

you really met him???
could you tell me how he could be aware of you and your paintings?!?
I'm a great fan of him(and youre paintings)!!!
GREAT WORK,please write me back
(excuse me for my bad english,i'm german)

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Hey Anna!

Yea, I met him in Boston, USA when I was there.

He'd seen my drawings online somewhere, but I really just got lucky and creative, because I managed to get backstage. I was lucky that he was there. It was during the Spacetour and he wasn't going to be there, at first, it was a last minute thing.

Anonymous said...

I love your paintings! They are great! You are very talented, keep doing what you are doing. Best of luck to you =)

P.S. - Darren is amazing, if I could draw or paint, I would create art using his face too ;)

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Thank you, Anon!

Anonymous said...