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Monday, January 15

First for everything

Starting a new blog is always interesting to do, because for me it implies that I've reached a point in my life where I am ready for something new. In this case, it is not entirely like that. I'm not ready for something new, I feel like someone new, since three weeks.

You might wonder what happened three weeks ago? Absolutely nothing. I just came to the point where I felt like a new person. From one day to the other, I changed from the girl that was fine doing nothing, just sit at school and then sit at home on the weekends, to the girl that wants to see and do new things. Have fun, go out, laugh, explore, go places.

And that being said, I have been to London and saw a lot. However, I was perhaps more impressed with the millions of people that strolled down Oxford street. And any other street in London. I wasn't used to this, as I'm a small town girl, and even Holland's big cities are small towns compared to London. I took a lot of pictures there, but not one that I think is special.

Special photographs are hard to make, and I feel I have not yet accomplished the task of taking a special photo yet, so that will be another thing I'll be trying to experience in the following time. A good photographer should possess the power to capture a moment exactly like they want it. A perculiar perspective, a personality, a person. A photographer should be able to bend the truth as we see it, using light, shadow, colour and angle as his tools. I doubt I will ever be satisfied with my photographs, but when I find one worth your while, I'll upload it here.

Untill then, I remain yours truly,