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Tuesday, February 27

New Lay-out and life

And no, smarties, that does not mean that I got an entirely new life. It's not like I switched bodies with anyone.

Lay-out is most likely very obvious. What can I say. I am just going to be quiet about it. All I will say is: April 11th. If I get lucky tomorrow morning at ten on Crossing fingers now.

As for the new life part, I could've said 'New things in life' but that is just boring. I am now officially a collumnist for Cre-Aid. Click that link, you know you want to. Oh. It's in Dutch, mostly, but I plan on putting the English version on here. Still, click that link, it's spiffy. Nice multimedia stuff. And other stuff that makes me tick, and type.

Right, it's late.

Goodnight and thanks for reading,


Edit: Just ordered my Fratellis tickets fot April 11th. Yay! Going back to bed now.

1 comment:

Annelies said...

Maybe you should tell me/us what you did write there, 'cause I want to read your stuff first, and the other things only when I have time/am bored. So, please????