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Thursday, February 15

Best of: Valentines Day 2007

For me, nothing has happened on Valentines Day. I don't mind much. I think. But some other great stuff has happened; in relationship to Valentines Day, and out.

Two of my best internet friends have finally decided to hook up. You go guys. About time, too, might I add. That's all the loveydovey news. I feel like the rest of the human population has more or less boycotted V-day. Understandable, as I would rather like to call it the big Commercial-how-do-we-make-the-most-profit-of-the-year-we-trick-people-into-buying-
Or Singles-awareness-day. But, as I'm sure this has all been discussed a thousand times before on someone else's blog or just in general conversation, I will stop bothering you with stuff you already know.

As for the subject unrelated to Valentines Day, as you might be starting to guess, it's about the Fratellis. They were nominated in this years Brits (Brit Awards). The nomination they received was for Best Breakthrough Act. They were up against Lilly Allen, Corinne Bailey Rae, James Morrison and the Kooks. And they won! And I made them a sign for it! MON THE FRATELLIS!

I'm particularly glad that they beat Lilly Allen and the Kooks because I really do not like them. James Morrison is a brilliant singer, and Corinne's songs have their charm, but the Fratellis are still much much better. They deserve the award. They went from zero to international fame in six months, which I think is quite the achievement. Well done boys!
The whole forum had gone crazy last night. We're all so happy for the Frats. Our sore fingers from voting online can prove it. What I did think was a bit strange is that I, as a non-Brit, could also vote. Oh well. Joy to the world.

Thank you all for reading and for the lovely comments you are about to write....*hint hint*


Tim Kroesbergen said...

Yes, the Fratellis really deserve that award! Instead of Lily Allen, the Frats really make me smile ;-)

(Next year a Grammy?)

Also check their new concert on iTunes.

Maartje van Hoorn said...

@ Tim

I already bought their album ;)

Also bought the Chelsea Dagger single.

Grammy would be grand.