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Monday, February 5

On Blogging, Forums and Painting

I suppose for a blog to really work, there needs to be a certain amount of regular activity from the one who writes the posts. Is it not so in fact, that the creating of a regular posting promise, be it on interesting things in the news or just on life in general, create the structure that leads the reader to return? Does it not comfort the reader to know that next week, assume I'm talking about a weekly update, there will be another bit of writing for him or her to read?

This may all sound rather philosophical to you, and you might actually wonder why I decide to turn into that path of vagueness and questions that will probably stay unanswered for the most part. Well, let me tell you that it was in fact today's lecture in University that has led me to write this. I've just started a new semester, Create and Maintain an E-community. Now, maybe you can see the logic to it after all. Blogs nowadays are a big part of the word e-community. However, the purpose of an e-community has to do with a bit more interaction than there is on this particular blog. Apparently, a community in the E-ness is meant as a way to share, sort, and discuss information, be it text, or any type of information. Think pictures (, video ( and anything else digital you can imagine.

But, before I get off-topic, I wanted to talk to you about my blog. What are you actually interested in reading? Is it my particular life, or the particular subjects I like to write about? Perhaps a hard question to answer, as this blog is rather fresh, so to say. But you see, what I really want to know is how I can ammuse you, in a way, and motivate you to comment on the things I have to say. The wonderful thing about blogs, I think, is that you can get feedback on anything at all, be it your reader feels inclined to comment anything at all. Not only can these comments boost, at some occasion, the writer's ego, they could also lead to interesting conversations and/or discussions, which is what I seek to provoke in this post. So tell me, where do you stand on this? Would my life be at all interesting to comment about? Or is the news, or movies, or books, or music more to your liking to comment about?

E-communities often take use of a forum for general conversation and discussion. This leads me to the following, without philosophical nonsense. I have recently found myself surfing the web to a particular (I do seem to like that word) forum, no other than the Fratellis Forum. The Fratellis, as you've most recently come to know as one of my alltime favorite bands, have such a diversity of worldwide fans, it is impossible not to be excited about the forum. After I spent one day on the forum, I felt incorperated to the big family. Yes, that's right, it is like a big family. The people are kind, funny and joke about, sometimes taking the piss out of you, but never in a bad way. Most of the fans that I've come to like are Glaswegian, for those of you noobs out there, from Glasgow. So it might be that these people are just friendly and jolly by rule.
However, there are some fellow Dutchies on the forum, but they are generally less active. Oh, don't I just love putting people in boxes and label them.

Anyway. The forum has got me to do some more digital paintings, this time of the Fratellis. I've even been offered goods and money for it which flatters me very very much. Below are the two I've done so far, for forummers. Muh. Teeny tiny :P They're really big at fullsize but I'm not posting those here. There are some decent versions on my Deviant Art Gallery, if you are uber curious.Anyway, the bottom one is getting me a cd and a print of said portrait, which I think is uber uber uber cool. Oh, for you noobs, once more, the top painting is of Barry Fratelli (the basist) and the bottom one is Jon Fratelli (the leadsinger/guitarist).
I'm kinda pleased with both of them, actually. Woo, breakthrough. The Jon one is most interesting. Well, this was my entry.

Yous affectionately and with heartfelt apologies for my try at being philosophical,



Ruben said...

Love the paintings! Especially the second one!

Maartje van Hoorn said...

@ Ruben

Thank you very much!

Robin Corba said...

Yes indeed, especially the second painting would be worth a prize or something.

I actually never thought you were this creative and having to say something to keep the visitors out of their daily rythm. I'm still shocked :P

Keep up the Bloggin' work!

Maartje van Hoorn said...

@ Robin

I could feel offended by this you know ;) Me, not creative? Tsk. You forget where I go to school. They would've kicked me off if I weren't creative.

As for you being shocked, thanks, that makes me feel good.

Anonymous said...

I like your stile, Maart. You can write about anything and make it interesting I think. I like to hear more about your live, and your hobbies, 'cause I always like to hear you rant on about something you've read or done. Especially when you start taking apart the books and plots of Harry Potter. So just write about what's on your mind at tthat time, and it will be alright. Love,