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Wednesday, February 28

Second (Life) Thoughts?

So, for mere research purposes, I decided (very late yesterday night) that I should try Second Life, especially having written such a critical article about it. Here are my first thoughts on it.

So, I signed up for a basic free account, as I'm not spending money on this thing unless research should require it (which I hope not). You can get free Linden dollars, if you give Second Life your creditcard information. Typical.

Had to choose my character name. First name is all up to you, last name is to be chosen from a list. Too bad. Marah, cause no foreigner can pronounce Maartje, and Heron for a last name. I like herons.

Avatar picky, I look nothing like it. Hmm.

Downloaded the client, didn't take long. Was glad. Installed the client, didn't take long. More gladness. Double-clicked the Second Life button. Loading....loading...loading...yawn...loading.
Do not start Second Life for the first time when you plan on going to bed. Doesn't work. Loading...loading...oh hey, I'm there!

Looks like the Sims 2. Only crappier. I walk, walk, walk, do toturials for basics. Oh, appearance editing. Spent a good hour on it. It was enjoyable. Part of why people get hooked I think. There's a lot of variables in your character design. I haven't found glasses yet. Also, part of the reason for addiction could be that there's no such thing as going on Second Life for just ten minutes if you want some proper thing done. It takes time to do something.

Went to bed. Woke up. Checked e-mail. Oh, someone has added me to their friends list. I log on, to accept. At Second Life at 7 am in the morning. Dreadful. No idea who has added me. Anonimity alert, there. Accepted anyway. Logged out. Bloody hell, that was impulsive. Second Life is impulsive. You have to log in to accept friendship. Nice trick to bind people to logging in regularly. Am still sceptic. Have not been playing long enough to form a decent opinion.

More soon. If you're on Second Life, add me to your friends list, I like friends. Marah Heron.

Over and out.

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