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Saturday, March 3

Missing my Muse

My muse for storywriting has left me. I had big big ideas for my fantasy novel several months ago, and wrote some stuff and then just got stuck. I suppose that might be because I just had a basic idea, some idea about the start, the ending, and little bit of scenes in between but I never quite came up with a detailed plan. I just started writing and that was it. I mean, Tolkien did that, right? He didn't exactly plan anything, at least not in detail. I do realise I can't compare myself to Tolkien.

Maybe I should just try to write a novel that is a little bit closer to home. A lot of authors write something autobiographical. I would do something like that, if I could. However, even though I've been through a decent amount of things that aren't, you know, self-evident, I don't quite know what are how to write about those things. It are all seperate things, that at this point, I can't combine into a story. Besides, I'm also only 19. I mean, what can happen in the first 19 years of your life that is worth writing about?

It's probably not something you should want so badly, write a book, I mean. I'll just trust on it, that one day, it'll just hit me. I'll have a brilliant idea and write a bestseller. Or maybe just something that'll at least please me. It doesn't have to please anyone else. You should live to please yourself, not others. If you are pleased with yourself it is sure to rub off on other people. You make your own happiness, others can't do it for you. Now that's a good motto.

That would be worth writing a novel about, 'My road to Happiness' or something. Does sound a little bit cheesy, as if it's written by a 50 year old housewife plagued by a disastrous past. Or some famous person who's suddenly stopped being famous and with this book tries to regain that fame. I'm never going to call my novel that.

Maybe I'm just not ready to write a novel yet.

Saying goodbye to you now, I remain Museless,



Annelies said...

I think the first twenty years of your live have a lot to write about. Those are the years in which your character aquires it's rude form. If you're lucky, it continues to change and deepen. I think you can write a lot about yourself. You have gone trough many things and your story might help other people or at least show them that not everybody in a wheelchair is mentally handicapped. Only try to get the good things in too, else you'll come away depressed and I don't want that. You're way to good and nice to be down. You've had enough of that for one livetime I think. So if you feel like it, do it. It wouldn't hurt I think, and it might help you as well. I would be interested and I think you write very good, so at least that won't hold you back. Love,

whitelady said...

Hey Maartje,

maybe I can help your muse finding your way back to you: Have you ever heard of "the heroes journey"?
It´s a principle which you can adapt to practically every famous story, be it a romantic one (though on these it´s harder to see), or an action story, or even a classical theatre piece. I first heard of it in my study, when I had a class about cutting movie trailers.

You can read more about it on wikipedia:

When I learned what it was about, and the first movie I watched afterwards was "Minority report" with Tom Cruise, it was very clear that Hollywood directors very often work with this principle.

Ah, btw: It´s me, LaDameBlanche from devArt! Hullooo! ;)

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Hey Nadine! What a pleasure it is to see you dropped by. It's nice when somebody actually reads my blog ;)

I'll check out your link in the morning, as it after midnight and I need to get to be, I can't pull another allnighter. I haven't slept for 36 hours or longer. Haha, beeeeddddd.

Again, thanks for dropping by, please do more often,


whitelady said...

It will be my pleasure! I know how it is when you blog and blog and almost nobody´s answering... Unfortunately my blog is still only in German... but it´s the same there. Anyway, I already have your blog in my favs :)

Your rant about Second Life is also very interesting, I will post my opinion about it during the next days, if I don´t forget. It´s funny because only last week I posted a long entry about Second Life on my own blog, too!

Hope that the "hero´s journey" maybe can help you out with your story. It can function as a very good guideline, I think.

So see you soon, then! :)

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Hey again Nadine, what is the link to your blog then? I think I'll manage reading it even if it's German, if it's ok with you, I'll post my comments in English.

Also, I'm not really stuck on the story, itself, but more just on writing it. I sorta know what I want to write, but I just can't find the words.

There will be another article on Second Life around next thursday.

whitelady said...

Oh, it´s directly on my mainpage: :)

I don´t mind if you post in English – I think it´s great! :D I´m always very happy when I get a comment. Mostly, they´re friends from around where I live, but they are not very into "blog-culture", mostly, and therefore most of the people I know are merely silent readers... Which always leaves me very curious. I´d really like to know who my silent readers are, exactly... but I´ll never know, probably.

Oh, and what occured to me after I posted last time was that my last post could be misunderstood – I didn´t want to depreciate any posters. I think it´s great when at least a few people take the time to post something and share their thoughts. (says "hi" to annelies *blushes*) :) It´s what bloggers need to keep going ;)