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Monday, March 5

Six months in the Industry

Or whatever it is you people call it where you are. Internship is an American word, right? (I'll still tag it that way)

Today I was brieffed at uni about said event. In August 2007 I plan to do an internship. As most of you may know (or not), I study Communication & Multimedia Design at the HAN (Hogeschool Arnhem en Nijmegen) and am now in my second year.
My studies focus mostly on Design, but not only the graphical kind. Interaction design (designs the way, for instance, that a website visitor can interact with page-elements) and communication design (designs flows of communication in for instance an e-community, or maybe just a business), are also a part of my designing. The other kinds of design you might guess. Webdesign, animation, game design, etc.

Now, I could, of course, look for an internship near me. But you know me, I like a challenge; even though I am shitting myself at the thought alone, I'd love to go international on this. It would be such a great experience. Not only will I actually be working on what I've been studying for the past two years, I'll get to pick up on a foreign culture. But, of course, not only the internship will be challenging. The finding of one will be just as challenging. I'm going to to need all the help I can get. So, that's why I'm posting here, hoping you might be able to get me on my way. I do want to stay in Europe, if possible. I'm thinking UK, actually. Might not suprise you.
So if you know or own any companies that are looking for an intern with a lot of motivation, I'm your girl.

What I would like most to do? Something artistic, in other words, let me design, draw... I'm pretty openminded about it, but, yes, that's where my favour goes to. I'm ready to learn anything new for the cause. But, this isn't necessarily a job interview, so I'll let you off on listening to my listing of my qualities.

Any tips, contacts, internship offers (ghehe) are welcome.

Thank you


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