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Wednesday, March 21

I don't like Computers

I seriously do not like my laptop right now. It begs to be thrown out of the window or to be wacked upon with the biggest hammer there is. I can't turn it on without getting a Generic Host for Win32 Services error and an svchost.exe error. Damnit it. If I click these away my toolbar freezes. Damnit. So I just drag them to the corner of my screen so I can keep doing what it was I was planning to do. I've tried systemrepair, every 'solution' on the Microsoft Support website, multiple virusscans, but nothing works. My aggitation grows.

Maybe I should just reinstall Le XP. However, I'm not really looking forward to reinstalling all my programs as there were quite I lot of them and I have stashed all my cdroms/dvds they are on away somewhere, if I have them at all.

Oh, did I mention? I can not shut it down properly either and my windows update refuses to work. Lovely. Also, I can't watch my beloved Quicktime trailers. I wish I wasn't so damn addicted to computing. Puters are taking over the world, the Matrix is very very true.

So, would anyone care to come over and fix my laptop?

I remain your aggitated blogger person,


Ps. Watch 'Flushed Away', it is brilliant.
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TheUnknownPoet said...

HitmanPro, system restore or as a last resort: format the comp and lose a day to reinstalling stuff:p

Maartje van Hoorn said...

@ Olaf

System restore I have done...

I'll try HitmanPro. I'm having a feeling it's a cookie that's being annoying but I can't track which one... snif.

whitelady said...

Oh, my. That sounds bad.

Unfortunately I´m as helpless as most people, what repairing a computer is concerned, so I can´t say anything helpful.

I keep my fingers crossed for you that it will work soon!