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Saturday, March 17

Yes, that is right! I've registered a new domain: I'm quite liking this designing in Flash, even though my site is still fairly simple right now. It's gonna be sorta my Portfolio website, until I'm actually ready to register my actual ;).

I've also used Illustrator on the design for my logo which I'm fairly proud of. I thought Illustrator was difficult. It really isn't, once you get the hang of it. One day, I'll be an Illustrator mistress. Damn straight. But I won't get ahead of myself just yet. Plenty of things to learn. Also in Flash.

Next step in the website will be adding actual content! I'll need to find some code/way to make a nice thumbnail viewing thing for photos and art that lets you click to enlarge. Hm, browsing the net is the ultimate solution. Long live the Internet.

With love,


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