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Tuesday, March 13

Intern Internship

I've decided that going abroad for an internship at this point would be a really really big step for me. Even though I really do want to go, I don't think it'd be wise. It's wellknown that going across borders for an internship means working harder, but I musn't forget that it would also mean I'd have to stay in a foreign place where no one knows me, and I would have to be a lot more independent than I am now. It's a challenge, of course, and I do like challenges, but I'm afraid I couldn't keep up with either the internship or myself.

My dad has gotten all enthousiastic about it, though, and I'm really grateful for that. He's even looked things up for me in New Mexico, Santa Fe. Can you imagine me there for 4 months? I can't, at this point. I'd probably wanna go back home.

Luckily, in my studies, there are two more possibilities for me go abroad. For my minor, and my final project for graduation. I'll try my luck then. I hope. Think I'm going to stick a little bit closer to home now.

I am however looking for someone to do my internship with me, as that's encouraged by uni, and I'd really like to see if I can join forces. Two makes more than one, after all. So, any of you dutchies, if you're in my branch of studies and need to do an internship, fancy doing it with me? You don't even have to be in the same uni!

Well, I'll keep you all posted.

With love,


Ps. I've got cookies. Seriously.

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