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Monday, March 12

Their Barks are bigger than their Bites

I've just come to realise how many people scream and shout without reason. They think they're all that, but all they really do is bark. When looking at the things they actually do, you'll see that it's all just bragging and wanting to be right. Who screams loudest is obviously right, according to them.

I used to feel intimidated by those kinds of people, as I used to be the kind of girl to say nothing at all. Voicing my opinions was low on my priority list. Nowadays, I can only laugh. If you ask me, these people are just very insecure. Having an opinion is good, of course, but stabbing people who don't share that particular opinion is, if you ask me, crossing the line. We all want to be heard.

The best way to be heard is to voice your opinions in a quiet way, almost too quiet, so people really have to pay attention to hear you. And make sure that what you do say actually makes any sense. I think the best quote on speaking nonsense can be found in a Disney Classic. "If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all."
Ok, well, that's about saying something nice. But you get my point. Say sensible things, please. Nonsensical things do not get this world anywhere.

Rant over.


1 comment:

Ruben said...

And a good rant it is ;)

I don't really have anything to say about this except that you're right so... You're right! =p