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Monday, April 2

I am a runner-up!

I bet you can still all remember my post in which I said I was one of five people nominated for first price in this essay writing thing for my uni? So guess what? I ended up being a runner-up (aka finished second) and won 300 euro! Bloody hell.

I was suprised, obviously, as I didn't quite feel satisfied about what I'd written. I very much like suprises. Also, my story/essay is now published in a book called 'Passion, its contagious' (free translation). So that is perhaps an even bigger prize. My first, officially published work.

Anyway, after the giving and taking of money and flowers, there was a thing for the teachers, but the five nominated students (actually being the only students there), were allowed to stay and join the discussions about education and express their opinion about said subject. I have to say it was quite fun and educational to join my teachers in this conversation, where my opinion actually mattered quite a lot. I also got to know a few teachers that I hadn't met or been taught by before, which was nice.

I'm still amazed how interested teachers actually are in how my life is and in what I have to say for myself on serious subjects. I'm no longer treated like a child and more and more like something of an equal. It's very motivating.

After the discussing and the likes, we all went to a beer brewery and tasted all sorts of beer. I don't really like beer but it was still fun, just to see teachers in a different setting and ambiance and actually be a part of that. Next was the tour through the city of Zutphen.
I've lived quite near the city but hadn't been in it, which I regret now. It's a very old city with quite an extraordinary history and some amazing buildings. I must remind myself to go back there some time and take pictures.

By the time the tour ended I was quite glad to dig in at the buffet. Again, more talk to teachers. Very nice. I felt appreciated.

Then I went home, and now I am going to bed.

Sorry for the ruddy ending and goodnight to you all,



whitelady said...

Wow, Maartje, that is great news!!!
Congratulations – I am really happy for you.
A story written by oneself being published must be a wonderful feeling. You absolutely deserve it!
All the best,

Maartje van Hoorn said...

@ Nadine

Again I thank you for the wonderful comment. Comments are what make a blog fun for the writer, really.

whitelady said...

You´re very welcome! :)

kwakkie said...

Congratulations!!! Seems like 300 is becoming your lucky number ;)

Maartje van Hoorn said...

@ kwakkie

Zeg dat wel he :P

Moet jij je blog niet eens even updaten :P?