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Tuesday, April 10

Pre-Fratellis Excitement

Well, it's come. The night before tomorrow. The night before the day on which I am going to see the Fratellis once again. I've bought tickets a while back (as mentioned in one of my previous posts) and was glad when I finally got them in the mail. The gig is in Tilburg.

I was all set for that one when a friend mentioned there was this contest in which you could win two free tickets to an exclusive Fratellis gig in Rotterdam, on the same day. So I, shrugging, entered. And I won! I seem to be in a winning spirit lately.

So now I'm looking at two Fratellis gigs on one day. Am pleased. There is also a signing session after the Rotterdam gig, so wahoo.
Am going by train with Esther, who also seems rather excited to go. It'll be our last trip thing before she heads off to Belgium to do an internship there. Leaving me, sniff. No, seriously, Es, if you're reading this, I wish you the best of luck and many many fun days!

So, I am all ready to go to bed, get up in the morning , and head to Rotterdam. I got my Fratellis tee, my Costello Music Booklet and a bunch of postcards for the signing. Am probably not getting them all signed but I'd be pleased to get just one thing done. hopefully Esther is bringing a permanent marker. Es?

Anyway, tune in again soon for Post-Fratellis Excitement.

With love,



Siobhan said...

Ik had hier vorige week op gereageerd maar het staat er niet :O
Nu weet ik niet meer wat er stond... maar ik wenste je in ieder geval veel plezier haha!

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Haha, thanks Sio! Moet gewerkt hebben want plezier had ik zeker.