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Sunday, April 15

Mon the Fratellis!

So, as promised, a review of my day which included two Fratellis gigs and a signing session.

Esther, Lisette and I got in the train a
t 10 am and sat in the train for ages with a bit of running to get the next train in between.

Then we got out in Rotterdam and walked in the wrong direction for 15 minutes, hmmm. Curse our sense of direction. We asked though, and got it right then. Stood in line for 30 minutes, which was kinda very cold. Then a security man guided me into the building on an alternate route as the official one started with stairs. I felt almost important. Anyway, he lead me and my friends to the stage (which was small as it was an accoustic Set, and pushed aside all the fangirlies for me. Wahoo. According to Esther, they were cursing me behind my back, bless them. Anyway, I was seated at the side of the stage, kinda sitting in the way because Mince, Baz and Jon had to get on there. *innocent whistle*

Anyway, they played Cigarello first, perfect start I'd say! I couldn't help but notice though, that many of the people there were looking rather bland and bored! Wtf? Must be because you could win tickets and some people must have entered just because it was free.
After that there was Flathead, followed by, apparently still an all time favorite For the Girl. I still very much love it when you sing that, Jon.
Whistle was next, with the Banjo. Lovely, lovely to see that live. Lots of singing along by everyone now. Then Creeping, which seemed to very m
uch please most viewers. Ok, that was the oficial last song. But of course, Dutchyland is pretty much obsessed with Chelsea Dagger, so that was done as well. Tu du du tu du du!
All this time I was singing along quite enthusiastically as I always do. At one point Mince appeared to notice cause I think he was kind of laughing at me. I must've looked so ridiculous. I was so pissed at one point though cause a camera man decided to stand in front of me a bunch of times. Anyway, they got off stage, I sat in the way once mor
e, apologised, and Baz said it was alright. I hate being in the way.

After that they were singing stuff! Woo. I got over there, stumbling about up to the little stage they were sitting at because I had been sitting in my wheels for a time. Stiffness. Barry, the basist, recognised me from the Fratellis forum, which I thought was uber cool:
"Is your name Faye?"
"Uh, sorry, what? Oh! Yeh!"
"I recognise you from the website!"

"Cool! Thanks!"
"Saw your paintings, they're really good!"
And then I was moved on by security dudes, argh,...

Anyway, got a buncha stuff signed, and then was at the other side, ushered on by security lads and realised that I hadn't gotten on photos. Sadness there. I'm not that much of a fangirl, I mean, not in the squealing way, but it's still quite sad. Boys, come back soon and get on pictures with me? :P

Went back to the elevator thingy and knicked a setlist off the techie eqquipment. (Rest was all taken within seconds, so I was lucky.)
Went and had a drink at a bar called Coconuts. I mean, come on! Name your bar properly. And for God's sake, dress your waitresses!

Went to Tilburg then, parting with Lisette on the station. Found 013, where the gig was at. But we were 2 hours early, so we sat at a bar and had some dinner first. Went back, met up with Laura. :) Hello Laura. Waited a while, doors opened. I got the special route again, up to the wheelchair balcony which was bloody far away. Laura had actually saved me a spot on the front row so she and Esther hauled the wheelchair down to the front off the stairs, then me. Lol, bloody stairs.
Anyway, then I met Lou and her man, from the Fratellis forum, who were lovely lovely and took a picture which I know for sure I look horrible on because I wasnt sure whether to smile or not. I still want it though. I also want to meet you both again sometime so we can actually chat. Bit noisy in there.

Anyway, after the support, gig started. I was standing through most of it. First song was Baby Fratelli, which I love, but I didn't think it was a very smart first choice as the crowd was pretty much still very typically dutchy quiet. Us bunch sang along though. Also, Flag of Scotland was put on stage! Obviously.
I have no idea in which order the rest was played. Pretty Like a Girl was brilliant, and even though I hadn't really heard it before apart from the 1:30 version that one of the forummers recorded at another gig. I was singing along quite happily and loudly. I think maybe at one point, they noticed us all singing again.
Cuntry Boys & City Girls was well received, especially by the death metal moshers. Chelsea Dagger was of course included. Creepin, too. I simply loved the Pimp, and I've never lalala-ed so loudly in my life, haha!

They left stage, and then Jon came back for For the Girl with the different start. Jon was not singing Tambourine Man, he was singing.... uhm, I can't really remember but he wasn't singing that. I sang along quite loudly, though. Well known song.
After that I can't remember, but they ended with the Who's Seeker. Lovely gig.

I did fall down once, wheelchair and all, as I mentioned, but I was luckily picked up. Stupid Death Metal moshers. But shaken, not hurt.

It was great to be in the front row, thanks to all you and mostly Laura! I ended up with one of Baz's guitar picks, too. Nobody knew who got it in the end, but Esther actually did and gave it to me when we were at the train station. Where the last train didn't go. So we were stranded there for a veeery long time until my dad picked us up and I was home at 3 am...

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