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Wednesday, April 18

Writing Summer Program

Even though dad's ideas often unnerve me very very much, they always have potential to be bloody brilliant.

His latest does interest me quite a lot: he suggested I might take a summer course in the UK, something to do with writing. In the English language, obviously.
I've only yet started to get myself acquainted with the idea, and must say I'm less freaked out about this one than I was about going to Sante Fe for my internship, because a) It's a bit closer to home, b) It isn't as lengthy. Generally, these courses seem to last 2-4 weeks.

So, hear my request: Would anyone of you lovely people fancy taking a summer course in the UK about writing (I'm thinking creative writing or something to do with storytelling might do the trick) with me? These things are supposed to be more fun if you do them together. Of course, some knowledge of the language and interest in writing would be very handy to have.

Anyway, let me know in a comment.

Other news: I'm going to spend money at the Mediamarkt this saturday, on a camcorder, a good one. I'll soon find a way to implement youtube videos onto my blog, somehow. For general amusement when I do have my camcorder.

Well dear readers, I have to go and get breakfast before I head out for uni.

With love,


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