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Friday, April 27

Future Funniest Homevideos! and other news.

So yes, the picture to the left of this bit of text indicates that I am not quite sure what to put with this blogger entry, because some subjects discussed are more happy than the others.

Of course, I feel inclined to start with the happiness! Last saturday, I saw Hot Fuzz and I bought a camcorder. It's a Sony HDR-HC7E and I am most pleased with it. It records on tapes on full HD, so imagine my joy. I've tried out a bit already, of course, but nothing worth putting on here yet.

You might have noticed that on the left side of the page there is a new widget with youtube screencaps of the Fratellis. If you click on those, a youtube video will load on the top of the screen, playing the clips. Very nice feature, thank you Blogger.

On tuesday, there was lots of fun to be had. I went to see Music & Lyrics with sme of the people that live in my house. The film is so wrong it is immensely funny. Hugh Grant never seizes to entertain and even Drew Barrymore was quite funny. It ended, 30 minutes later than we had counted on and so our car was locked in the parking garage. Stranded. Like a beached whale only less fat and heavy. It was a good laugh.

Now on to the less happy news. I am not doing to do a summer course this year. For several reasons, but the first and foremost being that I realised I already had other, also exciting plans with Jory and Esther to go to Castlefest in the first weekend of August and I do not want to let them down. Last year, this was also planned, but then I went on holiday to France.
Another reason for not going would be that I cannot convince myself that lodging and moving around will not be a problem. I suppose I'm just not ready for it yet. Ah well, I'm still young. I'll try to convince myself next year. I'm sorry to those I disappoint.

With love,


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