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Monday, May 21

Internship: Strike one

So today Wouter and I had our first interview for an internship. Just to update you all: we are doing one as a pair.

We found the company on our internship website and responded to it by e-mail, and after some e-mails back and forth, we were invited for an orientational interview. Strangest thing is, the company name on the website did not match that of the one in the e-mail. So we were not exactly sure what we were interviewing for, but went anyway.

And what an assignment! This company works with big companies all over the world, and even has connections in the Disney world. Our task (or at least part of it): Visualisation of an amusement park like Disneyland. It would mean turning concept drawings into 3d visualisations and stuff like that. Awesome. Can not tell you much more about it because their projects are confidential. Sounds exciting, no?

Anyway, after quite some intense work at uni first, Wouter and I got into his car, which he had borrowed from his dad for the occasion. A nice red stationcar in which my wheelchair could have fit twice. We got the adress into the navigational system and got on our way.
I wanted my fizzy drink and said I would not spill anything on the chair. So I twisted the lid and it fizzed all over my newly bought skirt. Damnit! I thought it was a bad omen.

Anyway, trusty navigation guided us on. We would never have found it without. We had the interview, getting an inside look on the project. I would have been drooling, had I not had manners. Anyway, they liked us. We've got another interview soon. Awesome.

With love,


1 comment:

Lonneke said...

Hey Maartje,

die stage sounds VERY GREAT!!!!
waar is het precies?

Ik heb ook een stage gevonden (2 zelfs) maar school moet opdracht nog goedkeuren.

Zit in zwaar dubio welke stage ik nu ga doen.... kan niet kiezen en wil het eerste bedrijf niet voor hun hoofd stoten. Ze zijn zo lief :D maarja...moet doen waar ik het meest van leer. (van beide wel veel maar die in NL leer ik mee rover programma;s enzo en denk daar stiekem meer aan te hebben)

maarja nog ff over dubben...

succes iig met je stage, vind het echt stoer klinken allemaal.

hug Lonneke