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Wednesday, May 23

Shiver me timbers!

Arrr mateys! I've seen Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End in the middle of the night. Went there with my dad, and he didn't fall asleep.

Anyway, I'll give you a small review without spoilers. I'll try. From what I remember. There is so much going on in this film it's hard to remember the order in which it all happened. So, I won't go into details, which should mean no spoilers.

So, let's just start at the very very gloomy beginning. It was a nice openingsequence with unfamiliar people being hanged and singing. Lord Beckett made an appearance. Then we skip to Singapore, which, might I say, is an amazing set. We are introduced to some of our old friends: Will, Lizzie, the daft crew, Tia Maria (Dalma) and Barbosa. And one of the pirate lords. I'm happy to say that I quite like the way Keira Knightley gives speeches. Feminist, all the way. Then there is lots of fireworks. Ouch to my ears. I'll stop telling the story now.

Different from the first two films is that they use several layers of film on top of eachother (yes, we are seeing Multiple Jacks. The song that we hear is also called that.) Quite an interesting thing to see on screen. As goes for all the special effects, they are amazingly real.

Jack is still incredibly witty, and more so when there are more of him at once. Even Will Turner manages to be witty. Well done. Most witty? The 'mine is bigger than yours'-competition between Jack and Barbosa. Well written, Ted en Terry.

All of our friends have individual interests in this film, which means a lot of betrayal going on. Which is nice. Nobody can be trusted. Tension is high throughout. Unexpected things happen. Romance is there. Sadness as well. Ending is bittersweet, for the lovers. I know this is supposed to be the last part but it's open enough, for Jack.

I've not yet seen the end credits, but I don't doubt that there is a little clip at the end of those. Will have to see on friday.

Romance: 8
Music: 8,5
Funny: 8
FX: 9
Storyline: 7,5
Characters: 8,5
Eyecandy: 8
Drama: 8

Hm, anything I'm missing? Think not. Gets about an 8. Storyline gets lowest because there is a bit too much going on which I think is a pity because now I can't remember everything.

Anyway, enjoy when you see it for yourself.

With love,


1 comment:

Lonneke said...

mijn vader valt ook altijd in slaap bij films. tegenwoordig kijkt hij ze neit meer af gaat ie redelijk vroeg naar bed.

Maar laatste tijd als ik film kijk val ik ZELF in slaap hahaha.
Ligt het dan aan de film....of dat ik teveel uurtjes aan school besteed en dan in my relaxing time gewoon in slaap val ;) haha

Dit weekend gaan we bij vrienden Prison Break weekend houden.
Als we er genoeg van hebben of og tijd en zin over dan komen de rest van de films die we nog neit gezien hebben aan de beurt.

Ik wil ook Pirates of the Caribbean 3 zien. binnenkort heen denk ik.
of misschien heeft iemand in de vriendengroep de film al gedownload ofzo..kunnen we hem via laptop aan tv koppelen en kijken of via mediacentre ofzo. we zien het allemaal wel.

Gelukkig bijna weekend en er weer wat moois van maken.

Ik heb inmiddels 2 stageplaatsen gevonden waar ik ben aangenomen (of had ik dat al verteld)

Kind regards,