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Tuesday, May 15

Party Planner Excellance!

I realize I am the strangest girl on the planet. I am yet to turn 20, but I am not planning a party for my 20th birthday. No, instead I am coming up with things that relate to my 21st.

This does not mean that my 20th is not going to be celebrated, so please all mark the 30th of September on your calendars as 'Maartje's 2oth bday!!!'. I want lots of gifts, mind you! Muahaha.

However, of greater importance is my 21th birthday which will be happening, also in September (duh), but next year. I am planning to host it in the Waag, the coolest café in Doesburg here in Holland. It has a big hall on the second floor that is available for les partays. It's an old looking building with the perfect ambiance. Like a pub. Very nice. All my overzeas buddies are welcome as well on this. So, be prepared.

As for presents from the big folk, aka les parents, I want no gifts, just this party. I want live music, preferably played by a certain Scottish band. Get on it, parental people. I'll never ask for anything again. Tumdumdum. Except for crazy rides to wherever :P.

And you all gotta show up, if not, you're partay poopers.

With love,



whitelady said...

Oh my!!! o_O
Do you realize that is a Tuesday, lass?
Well, I will try to come, I´m curious and it sounds great! ^__^
Btw, I also didn´t celebrate my 30st birthday.

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Of course I'm not celebrating it on a Tuesday! Haha. Somewhere in a weekend!

Robert said...

Have this on my calendar. I hope you setup an amazon whishlist, that we are able to contribute. greetings, Robert