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Thursday, May 17

Soundtrack: POTC3 vs. King Arthur

So, the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End soundtrack has made it's way onto the internet. I've heard it now, of course. I know that makes me a pirate, but rest assured, I will have the cd in my mailbox by friday as I've pre-odered it on
I'm ok with being a pirate if it is for the sake of seeing if I like the cd before I actually buy it. So I'm always only a temporary pirate.

Anyway, to get to my point: the POTC3 soundtrack has some tracks which have some same themes as the King Arthur soundtrack. It just struck me as a very positive thing. Of course, both soundtracks being composed by mr. Hans Zimmer might have something to do with their resemblance. Take the song 'One Day' from POTC3 and compare it to 'Woad To Ruin' from King Arthur and compare the first few notes on strings, followed by the rhythmic higher strings and the copper blowers. Then there is the very very rhythmic drums that remind me of a galopping horse.
It's very very much the same. Gorgeous. Hans Zimmer, you are my hero in the soundtrack business.

Well, that was all, really. Do check out the score from both films, it's gorgeous, especially the songs that I mentioned above.

With love,


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