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Friday, May 25

Shiver me timbers! (part 2)

Because I couldn't think of a more interesting title to this. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is not even showing in every country yet, but already there are growing rumors about a 4th and possible 5th and 6th film. Apparently it's been on the news. After AWE's perfectly open ending (for Jack Sparrow), it doesn't really suprise me that much.

Depp has said in interviews before that he would be sad to say goodbye to his character Jack Sparrow, but now the Disney Studios apparently have agreed with him and want to ride the big wave of success a bit longer.

Being a childishly big fan of the films, I would not object, because in all seriousness, I love sequels, however bad they may be. I support good projects, really, but simple entertainment at times is more welcome than mindbreakers. Whether the big public would agree, I doubt.

Concerning the 4th part, there have been some un-Disney-like rumors. To cut costs, Bloom's character Will apparently will not make it into this ungoing saga. This grieves me. I was totally over Bloom until I saw him in AWE, then was once again quite pleased, and even though he is not a 'neccessessity', I'd hate to see him die in this. Kill all the potential teenage crushes, why don't they. Surely they have made enough money to keep him in by now. Oh well.

I'll keep you all updated, for my own sake.

With love,


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enginerd said...

Another sequel! Now, that should be interesting.