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Tuesday, May 29

Pinky and the Pop

Ok, who would I be to not write a Pinkpop review.

First of all, I shouldn't have expected to spend only two hours getting there. Also shouldn't have expected to get onto Camping A, which was recommend for wheelchair users. No, instead, after being sent in the wrong direction 20 times by the people that supposedly manage the traffic, I ended up at the top of (it was hilly) Camping C, which was not only steep but also on a 45 minute walk to the festival grounds. Great.

Terrible bad luck with the weather on all days but Sunday. First day, I didn't see many bands: Within Temptation (who put on a good show despite the fact that I do not like them much. Singer is an absolute sweetheart) and M. Manson (who I just saw for the sake of not going back to the tent yet). During the latter it poured like hell and there was lots of lightning. I was soaked by the end and very very freezng cold. Anyway, back to the tent, where I had a good old case of migrain.

Lay in late next morning, then went of to see Gabriel Rios, which wasn't really my thing.
Following, I watched Razorlight put on a damn good show (weather was also helping very much as it was suprizingly sunny). After that I saw Gogol Bordello, which you can say a lot about, but they sure did make a party.
Iggy and the Stooges were up. I was watching, I was yawning, I left. I wonder how many people would like to kill me for saying that, but I seriously did not like them. Iggy could have very well bothered wearing a shirt.
Ilse de Lange followed, which I could just as well have not seen, although I had a lovely chat with one of the security members.
Snow Patrol wasn't bad. Very open, very friendly, they seemed to be enjoying their gig. Messed up once, and just begged for the mercy to start over, which I thought was kind of sweet. Uptempo songs were definetely better than the slow ones.
And oh my god I saw the LostProphets. I canny believe I did that. Probably because my mate wanted to go and mosh in the pit. Good on him. Nuf said on that band. Only distantly liked Last Summer.
Muse, who every band was praising before they had even played a single note, I didn't even go see. I was simply too tired. They were probably very good. Had 'good lights' to quote LostProphets. Good day.

Monday. Yay. Up early, but my mates were slow and nearly made me miss the Fratellis, who I had come for in the first place. Anyway, they had the unfortunate first gig of the day which was very early. I think more people would have seen them if they played a bit later, cause not only was it early, people also had to stand in line to get in (not me ofcourse, I got in through the disabled people's entrance, hehehehe.)
I was very very not pleased with being on the wheelchair plateau, which was pish. Far away. Snif. It was pouring again, too. Anyway, Frats were introduced by Chiel (dj from 3fm who worships the band) and quite well received I think. Not too many people were jumping through the first songs, I blame the rain. I was singing my longues out, and being looked at like I was an idiot. Other drunk people were bigger idiots. (Imagine being drunk at 11 AM)
I loved For The Girl, and the rest of the set which included... uhm, Flathead, Vince, Doginabag and I think Henrietta. Am rather leaky on memory. I wasn't drunk. They had the lovely Brass there, which simply added a ton to the party feeling. They ended with Chelsea, which was a smashing one, still. Dutchies go wild on it. Pity though, that they generally don't, that much, on the rest. Anyway, good show, lads. Would've loved to be at the front. Would've also loved to have had a chat, and would've if it wasn't for Pinkpop denying me a presscard. Grr. Anyway I'm not sure if you went signing in the signing booth but it was way too crowded for me to even get to see it. Btw, kudos to the Scottish Flag in the front.
I saw Jessy dancing on the big video screen during one of the songs, you go girl. Lovely to meet you, as well.

Anyway, Fratellis were the only thing I got to conciously see that day, after that I suffered from light hypothermia. Erghhh. Brrr. I will not ever sleep in a tent on a camping again. I need a warm home after cold days. Pinkpop was fun, but not at all healthy for me. Fratellis, thank you for being my one ray of sunshine for the day.

Bought two Frats shirts as well, the Pink one with the pink silhouette and the grey one with the bench in XL for sleeping in. Guys, you make me very poor. I love you! ;)

Am quite dead, now.
Hope you all enjoyed my review.

With love,


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