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Sunday, June 3

Media: Over the edge or brilliant way to raise awareness?

BNN's recent well-discussed Donorshow has got me thinking. For those of you that have not heard it on the news: the Donorshow is a show where a terminally diseased woman has to pick one of three people who she wants to give her much needed kidney to. This was broadcasted on national tv and lots of international press was there to make an recording of what seems to be the most criticized tvshow ever. Right when the woman was about to make her dicision, the presentor stopped the show and told everyone that the woman was an actress but that the candidates indeed have a kidneydisease and that a donorkidney was really a thing of great need for them. The show was a sham.

Too much, not done? Or a great way to raise awareness for such a serious issue?

I think it's bloody brilliant. There are so many people who are simply unaware of the importance of being a donor, and what better to use than the media to raise some awareness? Shocking apparently works best. BNN had the whole world in an uproar, but numbers show that after the show, lots of people have applied to be a donor. Well done, BNN.

Am I a donor? That's a bit personal. ;)

With love,



whitelady said...

Hi there, Maartje

sorry I didn´t write for so long, but things have gotten a bit beyond my control here. My boyfriend quit me after 5,5 years, I was looking for a new flat (which I have now, a wonderful flat with a great balcony), and so on. Now I´m on my way back to normality... I even start to feel fine once in a while again.

Thank you for keeping us up to date with the Donor Show, because here in Germany, everybody was talking about how scandalous this show was, last week – and nobody cared for what the results were, and one never heard from it again this week.

After what you´ve written, I find it very interesting. Chapeau. I wouldn´t have expected something like this. I think it´s a very good way to shake up the public. It won´t work too often though, because the element of suprise is crucial here. But nevertheless, good work!

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Hi Nadine

I'm so sorry to hear about your boyfriend, dear. That must be very hard on you. I would gladly say I understand what you are going through, but I'm afraid I don't...
Haven't been in any serious relationships myself, or really none at all. But if you need me to talk to, you can send me an e-mail or something.

Also, congratulations on the new flat!

And, how are the drawings going? Or are you still on hold?