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Tuesday, June 26

Fly me to the moon, or Glasgow

Attention attention, all Dutch people (and others that are interested)...

I have a problem. I want to go to Glasgow in September, to be more exact, respectively from the 28th to the 30th.
However, I don't want to do this on my own because I'm rather shaky about traveling there by myself and staying in a hotel by myself. That said, it's more fun to go with someone, rather than on your own and, I have two tickets from a Fratellis gig on that Saturday (the 29th). My birthday is on the 30th, so it could be a really fun birthday weekend for me if I got to spend it in Glasgow, seeing things and watching the Fratellis preform in their hometown.

To get on to the details: I'd want to fly from Niederrhein (Airport Weeze) in Germany because there I can fly with Ryanair and they offer the cheapest flight. It's about an hour and a half drive from my house and therefore just as appealing as Amsterdam. Plus it's cheaper, obviously. The flight is to Glasgow Prestwick, and it's about 40 kilometers to the city from there. I could easily arrange travel there. Cheap means.
In the center of Glasgow there is a nice cheap Bed & Breakfast (do prepare your stomach for the Scottish breakfast). It has assess to all the sightseeing stuff in Glasgow and is very close to the venue where the Fratellis will be preforming. Pubs are near too.


Please please please let me know! I really really really want to go.

With love,


1 comment:

Nadine said...

I´d love to, but I´ve sworn to myself never to enter a Ryanair flight or other cheap airline because of my environmental conscience...
and since I´ll have visited Scotland already once this year by then, I´m afraid another trip I won´t be able to afford... :((
Very sorry...