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Wednesday, June 27


Hey all,

Just letting you know that I've added a new link list to the left, 'Blogs'. There is also a link to my new blog thing there. It's called Thought of a Dutchie, but I meant to call it a Thought a Day. Well I think you get the meaning, then, one thought each day.

With Love,



Rosita said...

Hey Maartje, nice blog! Ik las het net voor het eerst, grappig!

Rosita said...

Ohja, ik heb ook een blog maar daar heb ik maar één keer iets opgezet :P Ik ben niet zo'n volhouder in die dingen. Maar jij doet het goed!

Don Thieme said...

You inquired through mybloglog as to why I have added your community there. I believe that I noticed that you were reading my blog. Either that or I found your blog while reading another. I do have an interest in both Germany and the Low Countries. I am also impressed with your critical interpretations of literature whenever I can manage to make my way through the Dutch. I do read German with ease, but Dutch is sometiems a stretch.