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Wednesday, June 13

Maartje goes Botox

Yes, my friends, you've read it correctly. It says Botox. They are going to stick needles in me. Even though I look rather wrinkly on the emotion pictures next to each of my posts (believe me I only look wrinkly when I pull awful faces like that), it's not for wrinkles.

I went to see my rehabilitation physician today. For those of you that don't know me very well, I was born 12 weeks early and had a brain haemorrhage when I was three days old. Because of this I have a left sided spasm. I can walk, but not as good as any other person and therefore sit in a wheelchair whenever I have to walk long distances because I tire very easily.

The spasm is where the Botox is going to help. They are going to inject it into the muscles of my left, lower arm and hand. This will relaxe them and reduce the spasm for a limited time period. Even though it's only temporary, it can be repeated and I'm sure it will be worth it. It will hopefully look a lot better, too. When this is going to happen, I don't know yet. I'm quite excited though.

Below: proof that I'm not wrinkly.

With love,


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